Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Perfect Guy

Just thinking about today and my life in general and how great it is...
My idea of a perfect guy would be:
Funny- He has to make me smile and laugh
Cute- Because I don't want an ugly one! :P (j/k)
Great personality- He has to be fun to hang around and I want my friends to like him
Independant- Ideally he would work and/or go to school, have his own money to buy things for himself and me (NOT the other way around!), have a car, and go out when he wants to and allow me to do the same with my girlfriends.
Good home/family life- He doesn't have to have the "perfect" family but just a good home life would be great! Just like mine :) ... And also gets along with my family!
Loves animals- And accepts my two other boyfriends (Joey and Sonny) :)
Just an overall great, loveable, fun guy.

Oh.. and P.S. I have already found him! :)
XOXO Jenny

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